Hydrogenated Castor Oil-Flakes

Acid Value 2.0 Max
Saponification Value 175.0 Min
Iodine Value 3 Max
Hydroxyl Value 156 Min
Colour on Loribond 1" 1 Max
Melting Point 85-88° C
  • Packing in 25 KG/50 kg HDPE/Paper Bags/500 Kg Big Bags/1000 Kg Big Bags/HDPE Laminated bags/ Plastic re-inforced paper bags/Available in Flakes and Powder Form also.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil finds a number of diversified uses due to its unique combination of physico-chemical properties.

  • In the manufacture of multipurpose Lithium/Calcium grease and high performance aviation grease
  • In the manufacture of soaps & cosmetics
  • As mould release agent in the processing of plastics and rubbers
  • As a component of speciality wax blends like pencils, crayons, lipsticks and anti-deodorant sticks
  • In the manufacture of hot-melt coatings and sealant requiring resistance to water
  • As a coating agent for paper & as anti foaming agent.
  • In the manufacture of Automotive refinish Acrylics
  • Rheological agent that provides thixotropy in paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants and numerous industrial composition.
  • Thick film chlorinated rubber, epoxy and vinyl coating
  • Flame Retardant and anti static agent for fiber
  • Manufacture of Spin finish oil for polyamide fiber
  • In preparation of ointments, emulsified virus vaccines, sustained release capsules, wetting/bodying agent, face paint
  • As plasticiser for cellulosics
  • Processing aid for colour concentrates
  • Surface treatment agents
  • In the manufacture of hot melt adhesives used in packaging books, binding footwear, carpet backing and in product assembly
  • Anti-tack and slip additives for processing plastics
  • In the manufacture of speciality chemicals for applications such as metal working, plasticizers and textile auxiliaries in the form of derivatives such as esters, ethoxylates, sulfates etc.

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